Casey Samson’s 2018 Listing Protocol


  • Declutter recommendations
  • Contractor estimates
  • Professional pictures ordered
  • Coming soon signs ordered

 Pre launch:

  • Brochure Finalized
  • MRIS Listing approved
  • Final pricing
  • Facebook ads
  • Cards mailed 


  • Listing activated at 5 PM Thursdays
  • It gives weekend buyers time to find it and put it on their tour
  • It prevents buyers from putting in Thursday contracts that have to be decided on before the weekend open house
  • First showings should be Friday 

Marketing the launch

  • Enhanced listings on major sites
    • Zillow
    • Trulia
  • Enhanced listing include
    • Upper placement
    • Name and phone of listing agent
    • Multiple pictures
    • Links to 3D and listing website
  • Launch Website
    • Movie Walk Thru
    • Virtual tour
    • Hot sheets
  • Facebook adds
    • Target audiences
    • Announce Open Houses
    • Link to websites
    • Traffic Report to gauge interest
  • MRIS Push
    • Sends listings to interested registered buyers and agents
    • Listings sent when added or updated in last 48 hours
    • Back office updates every listing every two days

Safety check:

  • Make sure home is clear of:
    • Prescription Drugs
    • Guns
    • Expensive Jewelry
    • Small electronics

Lighting-Light good, dark bad

  • Make sure all interior lights are on from 9-9 including but not limited to:
    • Closets
    • Bathroom
    • Basements
    • Storage
  • Make sure all exterior lights have bulbs and are on during showing times hours of 9-9. Buyers may not come in the home during evening hours but they are definitely driving by.
  • All should be the highest watts. NO energy efficient bulbs.
  • Window treatments are Always open to let is an much natural sunlight as possible

Smell removal:

  • Make sure no heavy curry or garlic when cooking.
  • Get rid of all mothballs and air the home out
  • Curtains and carpets should have been cleaned if smellers persist
  • vents must be cleaned so home is clear of any evidence of smoking or pets


  • You will be listed on showing time and agents MUST request a showing with at least 1 hour notice-Seller can request 2.
  • Seller will Confirm or deny the showing request. If you deny, give reason and soonest available time.
  • Agents MUST check in through the lockbox. This gives us a record of who to contact if there is a price reduction of contract.
  • Home must be in showing condition at all times. You NEVER know who your buyers are.
  • Sellers leave home during:
    • Showings
    • Inspections
  • Sellers never talk to buyers or their agents other than courtesy conversation. No substance

Open Houses:

  • We will do an open house every other week.
  • Certified Open house agents conduct open houses. You will LOVE them. We try to have same agent do first two.
  • Brochures are checked on Thursday for Sunday open house.
  • Seller receives report after each open house.
  • Visitors will be broken up by:
    • Visitors
    • Neighbors
    • Real Buyers

Reports from Alt Agents

  • Open House quick summary is delivered within 1 hour of open house conclusion,
  • More detailed report will come within 24 hours
  • Weekly summary of Showing time showings and comments sent by Alt agent every Tuesday.

Traffic minimums

  • Traffic will dictate if we have found the right price
  • Average-open house traffic of 12-15 visitors with 2-4 being Real buyers
  • Average-6-8 showings per week through Realtors

Repricing if necasary:

Signs we are overpriced:

  • No Traffic
  • Heavy traffic with no contract
  • Dwindling traffic counts

Signs we are on the money

  • 6-8 weekend showing
  • 15-30 open house visitors
  • Good comments
  • Contracts by Tuesday

Repricing protocol:

  • Pricing adjustments are make after 30 days if necessary
  • If home is experiencing no traffic we will discuss an adjustment at two weeks if necessary.
  • Pricing Thresholds are at:
    • $25,000 increments for homes between $750-$900
    • $50,000 increments on homes between $900-$1.5M
    • $100,000 increments over $1.5M

Contact with Casey

  • Anytime the seller needs to talk to him
  • After 30 days we will call a meeting and review Market, traffic and comments.
  • If there is a traffic emergency, it will be two weeks.
  • All Contracts will be negotiated by Casey.
  • Inspections are set up by alt agents but negotiated by Casey


Support Staff:

  • Julie & Michelle will be:
    • Updating listings on MRIS every two days
    • Communicating with sellers for new brochures
    • Adding open houses to social media
  • Alt agent will be
    • Monitoring traffic.
    • Communicating with agents.
    • Sending unfiltered comments to sellers.

Communicating traffic reports to seller as they come in and summarizing