About Colby & Morgan

About Colby & Morgan
Colby Smyth is a valuable member to our team. He has been in the real estate business for several years working with  other brokerages and now he is with The Casey Samson Team. He is an experienced buyers and sellers agent.

Read these great testimonials from his clients…

“Colby is a great agent who will help you confidently move through the home buying process. He advocates for his buyer at every step. I was impressed by his ability to help me negotiate a deal that worked for my financial situation in a timely manner, in a situation where multiple offers were on the  table.” Reston, VA Buyer

“Colby did a great job throughout the entire home buying process. He was incredibly knowledgeable and answered every question we had or got us a prompt answer. At .5% cash back at closing combined with superb negotiations with the seller’s party, Colby was able to save us more money than we could  have imagined. He was also incredibly patient with all of the hoops we put him through and took them in stride. Bottom line: Colby made our first home buying experience as stress-free as possible and we highly recommend him. Whenever it comes time to sell and buy in the future, we know who we are calling.” Alexandria, VA Buyer

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About Morgan Samson, coming soon! 

Contact Colby directly @ (703) 597-2428, colbysmyth@gmail.com