Coffee with Casey

Coffee with Casey
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Thursday, May 4th, 2017, Casey Samson of The Casey Samson Team at Samson Properties held his first ever Thursday morning “Coffee with Casey” chat via Facebook LIVE. The first episodes topic was This is Not Your Parents Real Estate Market.

Episode 2, aired June 1st, 2017. Casey invited team member Billy Samson to join him in discussing “Pricing your home to SELL”.

Episode 3, aired Thursday August 3rd, 2017. Ever wonder “How do I buy a Home?” Casey lead a buyers roundtable with some of our team members and lender Mike Filan. Casey and the team discuss why you should talk to a lender, the home buying process, where the buyers are, rent versus buy, townhouse versus condo, how to analyze a contract and more!

Episode 4, aired Thursday, September 21st at 9:30am. Casey discussed selling and buying a home in a slow market. Points brought up include the first 30 days, how many showings it takes to sell, tracking and reporting a listing, who should be selling or buying right now and more!

Episode 5, aired Thursday, October 19th. Casey and Billy Samson discussed “Don’t believe what you read”. Determining the value of your home was the main talking point but also covered was how we know the price is right, home improvements that add value, online estimates and more!

Episode 6, aired Monday, November 13th. Casey Samson tackled the topic of “Renovations” with Contractor Sam Misleh. They discussed renovating the family home, updates that buyers lie, kitchen facelifts, bathroom renovations, how to know if you are ready to invest in your property, hardwood flooring preferences and more!

Episode 7 – The Financial Edition with guest financial advisor Tom Clark and team member Billy Samson. Air date: Friday, February 9th at 9am on Facebook Live. A few of the topics include… New rules and responsibilities for financial caretakers (YOU!) How to handle parents that are moving from their long time home. How to make their assets last. How to interface with financial advisors. Who can make decisions? What are the 4 levels of diminishing mental capacity and when does the family step in? And more!

Episode 8 – What’s Hot 2018. Air Date: February 22nd, Facebook LIVE. The latest episode of Coffee with Casey is here! Casey and Billy Samson discussed What’s Hot in 2018. They did a quick recap of our home trends series, talked about the real estate market now (February is heating up!), the future of listings and closed with a recap of the Financial edition of Coffee with Casey from a few weeks ago.

Episode 9 – The Trees are Falling. Air Date: March 15th, Facebook LIVE. This Coffee with Casey was all about trees so Casey talked with James Donegan of Donegan’s Tree Service. For homeowners it’s important to have an inspection of your property to find out if any of your trees are at risk for falling. Topics included over mulching, flowering trees that are best for property value, new builds and tree placement, preparing for storms and more.

Episode 10 – Spring Market 2018. Air Date April 5th, Facebook LIVE. Casey Samson covered the unusual spring market this year. Today’s home buyers are savvy and are leaning toward properties that are turnkey. Pricing, staging and marketing are key to selling your home in this market. Fairfax county sales are on trend with the area and down 3% from last year. Casey also highlighted a bunch of our properties that are coming soon!

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