Social Media

Social Media

Outbound Marketing Our effort to attract buyers.

Our sellers are 60+ and our buyers are in their 30’s. We target the buyers where they are with a far-reaching social media campaign. Follow us!

1. Social Media- 10,000 Ads can be targeted by region and age groups. Facebook and Instagram are the primary targets. Reports of results can be produced after each campaign.

2. MRIS- Listings are sent to all buyers looking for properties with these characteristics in the past 48 hours. All listings are updated every 48 hours so buyers always have our listings in front of them.

3. Just listed cards- We send out just listed/open house cards to hundreds of potential buyers including all lower priced listings and renters within 1 mile.

4. Outbound Email Broadcasts- We have a monthly newsletter that goes to over 3,000 subscribers with market updates, tips for buyers and sellers and new listing promotions.

Bottom Line
Homes need to be presented in the best light and seen by as many people as possible.