Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing
90% of buyers are on the Internet

Out Bound Marketing:

Buyers receive automated updates when homes are added or updated in their target market so our listings are updated every two days to give our sellers maximum exposure.

Featured Listings on the top 2 real estate sites on the web with addition pictures and placement. When buyers search for homes on, the #3 real estate site on the net, my listings come up as a featured listing in the top 4 selections. Buyers can search for homes on Zillow, where my listings are featured

Inbound marketing:

When buyer see us on the net, they will see professional pictures, vivid descriptions and links to virtual tours.

Each Home has it’s own URL (individual site) with floor plans, pictures and property descriptions. Check them out:

Although Internet marketing is a huge source of buyers, neighbors are still a great resource so we send out JUST LISTED cards to 300 homes in the immediate area.



Listingbook_logo_unboxedLet Listingbook help you find your dream home! Through a special arrangement with the Multiple Listing Service, I am pleased to be able to offer Home Buyers and Home Sellers on one of the most comprehensive searching and home marketing tools available anywhere for FREE.

Listing Book provides real time data- so unlike the other sites that come up when you search for “Northern Virginia Homes for Sale” what you see with Listingbook is what’s actually on the market.

For HOME BUYERS, Listingbook allows you 24/7 access to in-depth detail on all properties currently listed. Adjust your search criteria at any time. See details on any property that interests you, including days on market, price history, additional photos, virtual tours and much more. This information is refreshed every half hour, and so you can be assured you are looking at the most up-to-date information available anywhere. Daily reports will allow you to keep track of your favorite properties, new listings, and price changes without having to log in and search manually. With Listingbook you truly will be able to search just like real estate agents do.

For HOME SELLERS, Listingbook allows Casey to market your property with targeted advertising
to the right buyers to help it sell faster — not just to my clients, but
to ALL buyers who are registered with Listingbook and whose search criteria
would include your property! Daily reports detail how many buyers have viewed
your property on Listingbook and how many marked it as a favorite. You’ll also
be able to stay informed of changing market conditions. Wish you could see why
the smaller house down the street is listed at a higher price? What is the new
listing around the corner selling for? Listingbook lets you access that
listing, its photos and virtual tours, 24/7 — at YOUR convenience.

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