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Close and Sell MORE Listings
Team Up with
For 25%, we will
PRICE and CLOSE the seller
For 50%, we will
PARTNER* with Samson Properties Agents
We pay 25% for Listings referred to our team
Why The Casey Samson Team?
  • $100M Production
  • 65% sold in first weekend
  • 85% of resales sell in first 30 days
  • 32 homes over $1M
  • Average of 17 Days on Market for Resales

*The Casey Samson Team PARTNERSHIP

TCST will:
Meet, inspect, price, close sellers, create brochures, signs, launch on MRIS and social media, provide weekly reports for sellers and settlement coordination.

Partner will:
Handle sign calls, open houses, contracts and inspections.

Partnerships are for experienced agents that need no supervision in the contract and inspection release phase.
Inexperienced agents that need help, will be charged an addition 10% for supervision. Please request the Commission Structure form for more in depth details.

Availability limited so give us a call NOW 703.508.2535 or email Casey Samson at

How does The Casey Samson Team price a home? View our pricing seminar here:

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