12 Things 2017 Sellers Need to Know

From Casey Samson, Samson Properties #1 Agent

  1. 40% of listed homes expire or are withdrawn unsold.
  2. Companies don’t sell homes, Agents do!
  3. Pricing the home right is Rule #1. 
  4. Rule #2 is: don’t forget Rule #1!
  5. Poor pricing or inexperienced agents can cost a seller 5%-8% of the eventual sales price.
  6. Buyers are in the 30s and 40s. Homes must appeal to these buyers and marketing must include social media.
  7. The Internet is the #1 source for buyers. If the buyer comes directly to the listing agent, sellers can save more. Check out my internet marketing.
  8. Open houses work- We sold 5 out of 8 homes at the open house between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2016. Open houses are the #2 source of buyers and  provide invaluable feedback.
  9. Spring market lasts from January 15-May 15. February is the #1 month to sell, followed closely by January and March.
  10. Leverage is vital to a successful sale. Correct pricing keeps the leverage in the hands of the seller.
  11. Save on Commission- With the Internet and technology, there is no need for sellers to pay more than 4.5% commission for standard listings.
  12. Markets vary- Market conditions can change without notice, so sellers and agents need to understand the reality and react.

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