Selling the family home.

10 Things to Know When Working With the Elderly

  1. Patience is the key-This is an emotional time.
  2. Sellers are not 100% committed to leave decades of memories.
  3. Making sure there is a family member or trusted friend to advise them.
  4. Determine if the home is better off sold to builder or homeowners.
  5. If Owner occupants are the target, make sure buyers are aware sellers will NOT leave the home during showings.
  6. Do not start changing things like paint, carpet etc.
  7. Call them every 2 days just to see how they are.
  8. Be prepared, buyers and contracts will NOT be accepted lightly. They are seen as adversarial. You must let seller vent and be patient. These feelings are totally natural.
  9. Elderly sellers need 30 days after settlement to liquidate.
  10. Settlement companies need to go the sellers for signatures.

The liquidation Process:

  1. Identify all items they want to bring with them.
  2. Identify all items going to family member.
  3. Hold a Yard sales for the rest.
  4. Schedule Junk 123 to pick up anything not sold.
  5. Cleaners take care of the rest.


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