Sell OVER Appraisal?

In an appreciating real estate market, Buyers will purchase homes for more than they will appraise for. Smart sellers can take advantage of that. 

EXAMPLE: The estimated appraised value of one of our recent listings was $750,000 MAX. The seller and I thought buyers would pay more. We listed at $750k, had a massive social media blitz and had 70 buyers walk through the home. Two offers came in at $755K. By the time it was over, the sellers accepted a contract with the following terms:

  • $790,000 
  • All Cash
  • Free Rent back for 3 months
  • Inspection for “Informational purposes only”
  • A back up contract at $781,000

The formula for success is simple:

  • Put your home in condition for today’s buyers
  • Price at the estimated appraised value (see Pricing Model)
  • Market the home far and wide using conventional methods, i.e. cards to renters, Real estate internet sites like Zillow and and have a massive social media blitz to your target buyers.
  • Multiple contracts produce the highest offers in the first weekend.
  • Have a skilled negotiator like The Casey Samson Team.