Our Story

Our Story :
4.5% Full Service Listing Model

Saves Sellers Thousands

Model Changes the face of Northern Virginia Real Estate

In the late 90s, Danny Samson recognized the power and efficiency of the internet to market listings, as well as changing buyer patterns. He launched his: “4.5% Full Service Listing” for Northern Virginia sellers. Full Service means providing products and services that exceed other Realtor standards. In 2001, he started Samson Properties to expand his model and today there are over 1500 agents successfully using his model. 

He also developed “Cash Back to Buyers” to reward buyers who find their homes online. Samson Properties is now the fastest growing real estate firm in Virginia. Samson Properties also has the #1 production office in Northern Virginia. 



In 2016 Samson Properties Closed




Casey Samson is Samson Properties #1 Agent


The Casey Samson Team is Samson’s #1 Team 


As Paul Harvey would say: Here is “The Rest of the Story”

Before there were fax machines, MLS systems, cell phones, personal computers and the Internet,  sellers had 2 main options:

  • Larger Companies charging 6% commission to sell the home
  • Some smaller companies offering limited serves at 4.5%

Modern conveniences and internet exposure changed the way Realtors do business.

Danny’s concept was to charge 4% to 4.5% for full service listings and give buyers cash back when they purchase a home. 4% if they purchased their new home through the agent, 4.5% if they did not.

Here was his logic:

  • Home prices have increased.
  • The Internet gave homes less expensive advertising alternatives.
  • The communications systems made the agents job easier.
  • Many sellers would be buyers generating additional commissions.
  • Open house generated more business.
  • Listings make the phone ring.

His criteria for agents was simple:

  • Be Professional
  • Be Nice

The results were undeniable.

  • In 2002 Samson properties produced the NVAR Rookie of the year. Triple the volume of the next highest Rookie.
  • In 2003 Samson Properties produced the NVAR Rookie of the Year. Triple the volume of the next closest Rookie.
  • IN 2004 Samson properties produced the NVAR Rookie of the Year. Twice the volume of the next highest Rookie.

Samson quickly became the fastest growing companies on the east coast and sellers were the beneficiaries.

4 ½ % Full service listings saved sellers an average of $7500 per transaction. Samson Properties have generated 2,800 transactions saving Northern Virginia sellers over $20 Million!

Not only did Samson Properties sellers benefit, but it forced other companies to drop commission rates to compete. This means the number could be increased by a factor of 10.

As pricing fell and sellers needed to save every dollar, Samson agents were there to help.

As 2016 begins, Samson Properties has over 1100 agents delivering this service and is the fastest expanding company in the country.






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