Winning the contract

There is no hiding the fact that in this market ,well priced, well maintained homes in attractive locations with great schools attract multiple buyers. As a listing agent that handles a lot of these situations, I know how to council my buyers to win contract. Here is a short list to winning the contract:

Meet the sellers so they know who they are. They root for certain buyers they know who will love their home.

Prepare a buyer letter to the seller. It doesn’t have to be long but you want them to identify with you.

Soften inspection: Put clauses like “no items under $250 in the home inspection” or do “Home inspection for informational purposes only”.

Remove the appraisal contingency if possible. If you are competing against other contracts, you are in a strong market. Appraisals are a problem so remove the contingency if possible.

Price: What is the home really worth (forget about list price)? How long has it been on the market? How many contracts are we competing with? How strong are the schools?

Selling agents are very important. The listing agent wants to work with a professional selling agent who can get their clients to settlement and have a clean smooth transaction. The first thing I do when I get multiple contracts is rate the agents. 

Lenders are critical. Some use local appraisers that know value. Other work with agents coming in from Frederick MD. It’s a nice town but local appraisers know these prices better.

My buyers and I follow these steps and they work. If you are thinking of buying, give me a call at 703-508-2535 or email me at

This article “Winning the Contract” was written by Casey Samson, please do not copy the content without permission.



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